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Pushing the Boundaries | Photography in Costa Rica

  • 3 min read

Pushing the Boundaries | Photography in Costa Rica

Hello, my name is Carmen, I am a Venezuelan photographer, based in Costa Rica. My work as a photographer has been focused on portraiture, landscapes, still lifes and self-portraits. In Costa Rica, especially this year due to the pandemic, I have dedicated myself to working in other areas of photography. This includes food photography and real estate photoshoots, and every month I give online photography workshops.

Flowers | Sweet 35

Self portrait | Edge 50

My history with Lensbaby dates back to approximately 2009, when on Flickr, I saw a photo that I fell in love with because of the effect it gave to the image and the bokeh. I investigated, until I found the website and got a Lensbaby 3g, a lens full of screws, which could be moved to one side and the other and the apertures were handled with small discs that had the aperture number, it was a completely handmade lens.

With that lens, I took a lot of photographs. It became my time to experiment with new styles. step out of the box, and run away from the ordinary.

Valentin Cat | Edge 80

Then, a few years later, I got a Composer Pro and it was a really new world for me, because this version allowed me to exchange optics, which I couldn't do with 3g. I remember getting several of them: the soft focus, the double glass, the pinhole, the single glass, and I always carried them in my bag in case I wanted to play for a while taking photos with each one of them.

Macro Kit Dew Drop | Sweet 35

In time, I got the Optical Edge 80, Edge 50 and Sweet 35. my “Holy Trinity” as I call it. Since then, they are the lenses with which I work the most, especially some portraits, for very specific clients and for nature.

"It became my time to experiment with new styles, step out of the box, and run away from the ordinary."

My latest acquisition was the macro photography accessory and the results never stop to amaze me, and I can also use it with any of my Optics and Lensbaby lenses.

Pink Flowers | Edge 80

Currently, my photographic equipment is made up of lenses that allow me versatility and guarantee me excellent image quality. 
I work with a Canon EOS 5D MARK II, (for the moment, I hope to invest next year in a MARK 5D IV) 

My Lensbaby equipment consists of a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with

Actually, I work more with the first three on the list, however, at Christmas, I usually use the Double glass with creative filter to take photos with a lot of bokeh, taking advantage of the lights of the decorations.

Double Glass | ISO 100 | Shutter Speed 1/60

Mi lovely cat

Double Glass | ISO 400 | Shutter Speed 1/100

Lensbaby Gear:

Composer Pro with

Edge 80

Edge 50

Sweet 35

Soft Focus

Double Glass

Single Glass


Carmen Moreno

You can find more of Carmen's work on various photography dedicated platforms.


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