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© Josefien Hoekstra

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$20 off Spark

Get the original Lensbaby effect with this fun, squeeze to focus lens. No matter what you’re shooting - one squeeze of the flexible lens will give you sharp focus and surprising, playful blur. Available for Canon and Nikon shooters only.

© Andrea Lythgoe

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$100 off Circular Fisheye

Extend your vision to a 185 degree field of view with the Circular Fisheye. Create warped and contorted images with fun flare, from infinity to as close as ¼ inch from the lens. Let your imagination run wild!

© Jim Nix

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$50 off Trio 28 with Filter Kit

Designed for mirrorless shooters only, Trio 28 combines three of our most popular effects - Twist, Velvet & Sweet - in one compact 3-in-1 lens. For even more creativity, experiment with the included filters.




Deluxe Creative Mobile Kit

Play with Lensbaby effects with the camera you always have on you.


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