Photography is a dance.

Discover how the aim of photography isn't precision or perfection

It's wonder.

© Anita Kram

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Macro Converters

Get up close with the 8mm and 16mm Macro Converters which sit between the Optic and Composer lens body.

© Pauline Putt

On Sale Now

Velvet 56

Use Velvet 56 to capture details with glow or without, up close and personal - focus as close as 5" away from your subject.

© Kathleen Clemons

46mm Macro Filter Kit

These +1, 2 and 4 macro filters screw onto the front of your 46mm Composer series Optic - and open up new tiny worlds of discovery!


© Ana Rosenberg


Deluxe Creative Mobile Kit

Play with Lensbaby effects with the camera you always have on you.


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