Composer Pro II + Sweet 35

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Discover a new perspective with the Composer Pro II with Sweet 35. Place your subject in a sharp sweet spot of focus surrounded by beautiful increasing blur. The Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 adds surprising depth and a sense of movement at 35mm.

Combine fine-tuned focus and dreamy blur to create images that resonate differently than any traditional camera lens. The Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 adds unpredictable depth and movement at 35mm, so you can hone in on the details that matter most. Place the sweet spot right where you want it—perfect for illuminating a face or bringing out a specific detail in your landscapes and environmental portraits.

Mount: Sony E (Mirrorless)
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Impressive Close Focus Capabilities:

The Sweet 35 optic offers a close focus distance of just 7.5 inches, making it an excellent choice for emphasizing a single subject up close. This allows photographers to capture intricate details and textures with a beautifully rendered selective focus effect.

Selective Focus Control:

The Composer Pro II combined with the Sweet 35 optic offers unparalleled selective focus control, allowing photographers to create stunning images with a sharp sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradual blur.

The Angles you want:

This advanced tilting mechanism allows photographers to effortlessly control the placement of the sweet spot of focus, enabling them to create dynamic and compelling images with ease. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, making it an essential tool for achieving creative selective focus effects.

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the Composer Pro II + Sweet 35 and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Linda H.

Great Range

"I love the range the Sweet 35 has and for it to be included in my optic swap team has been incredibly valuable."

George Schaub for Shutterbug

New Possibilities!

"The Sweet 35 Optic with the Composer adapter showing the swing capability that when combined with aperture control opens up many new image possibilities."

Angie P.

Beautiful Focus

"Beautiful slice of focus with gorgeous unique bokeh."