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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week | Ian Price

  • 4 min read

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week

Interview with Ian Price

Each week we feature a Lensbaby Unplugged Member and learn more about their photography history. Read more to learn about Ian's photography experience!
Ian Pricewith Lensbaby Sol 45

Q: What is your favorite shoot you've ever done?

A: I love to visit Anglesey which is an island off the North Coast of Wales in the UK. The first time I used a lensbaby was the Velvet 56 - I was walking to a place I had not been before and as I walked over the sand dunes a beautiful beach appeared and I spotted people walking their dogs - I used the Velvet 56 wide open and captured the scene - it looked more like a painting than a photograph - I was hooked!Since then I have deliberately limited myself to choosing a single lens to use for a period of 3 months at a time. This has forced me to not see this as a limitation but as an opportunity to push my creativity. I started with the Obscura 16mm and moved onto the Sol45. They have become my best friends.


Q: What inspires you to reach for your camera?

A: I shoot most days. I have my camera next to me in my office which is located in my garden - I usually have a couple of projects going at any one time. I also take my camera with me when I go for a walk.In recent years I have tried to limit my photography to places that are either close to where I live or places that I visit frequently. For example, I visit a piece of ancient woodland most weeks and will often go there early in the morning. Every time I go I find something new to photograph and benefit from being in the outdoors. I have stopped chasing everyone else's ideas and started finding my own.

Q: What are your favorite Lensbaby Lenses to use in your session?

A: I love the Obscura 16mm - although on the face of it there are limitations to the options you have it forces me to play more - with multiple exposures, ICM and a bit of creative thinking it has encouraged me to focus on the feeling of the images that I create rather than technical choices.

Ian Pricewith Lensbaby

Q: How did you hear about Lensbaby, and what encouraged you to purchase a LB lens?

A: I met Polina Plotnikova and heard her talk about her work - I then looked at some of the images created by other ambassadors on the web site and I was hooked.


Q:What was your journey to becoming a photographer like?

A: I see it as a ongoing journey - it started when I was very young borrowing my fathers camera (which I recently inherited) and is now very much just a part of my life.


Q: What is your favorite subject to photograph and how would you describe your photography style?

A: My main stay is professional cycling photography but have not yet had the chance to try out my lensbabies on the back of a motorbike!I enjoy photographing most subjects but recently I have become fascinated with flowers and plants which is taking me back to my university days when I studied botany.I would say my style is experimental - I am always trying to look for new techniques that I can add to my kit bag and then make my own.


Ian Pricewith Lensbaby

Q: What do you love the most about photography?

A: The pleasure of creativity and the release that spending a few hours concentrating on making images gives my mind.


Q: What helps you when you're struggling with a creative block?

A: Going for a walk with my camera and giving myself permission to play.


Ian Pricewith Lensbaby

Q: Would you consider yourself an adventurous photographer, or do you tend to stay in your comfort zone?

A: I think that I am adventurous - I am inspired by art and artists and love the freedom that it can bring.


Q: What else would you like to see from Lensbaby in the future?

A: I am still discovering the current range - finding a way to easily capture metadata would be a bonus but far more important to me is the Lensbaby community - so make spread the word and lets have more events and walks!


Ian Pricewith Lensbaby Obscura

Ian Price

I am an amateur photographer based in UK who discovered Lensbaby last year.This discovery has revolutionised my photography and freed me up from the constraints that I had felt with a more traditional rules based approach to my images. Having had a some problems with my mental health over the winter I decided to capture my journey through my ups and downs as a project that uses the four seasons as a parallel to my mental health journey. For each season I have chosen a different lensbaby lens to capture what I see around me on my walks. I am currently learning the art of Haiku and plan to capture my thoughts as a series of Haiku poems to accompany my images. The project is called 'Walk with me' reflect my journey through the seasons as well as a request to support me through hard times. It is a very emotional project for me and one that I feel compelled to complete.

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