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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week | Kate Beauchamp

  • 3 min read

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week

Interview with Kate Beauchamp

Each week we feature a Lensbaby Unplugged Member and learn more about their photography history. Read more to learn about Kate's photography experience!
Kate Beauchampwith Lensbaby Spark

Q: What is your favorite shoot you've ever done?

A: A couple of years ago I went with two of my photography buddies on a girls photography day trip to the gannet colony at Muriwai, on Auckland's west coast. The gannets nest right next to the viewing platforms and are a constant hive of activity. We all got some amazing shots and had a really fun day out together. Recently I've been working with a couple of models to add some portrait photography to my portfolio, which I have really enjoyed.


Q: What inspires you to reach for your camera?

A: I try to shoot as often as possible, certainly every few days. My inspiration comes from books, photography magazines, the work of other photographers, movies, music, changing light conditions, reflections, shadows, I could go on. I'm lucky enough to have some great photography buddies so there is always someone keen to go out for a shoot and I find we encourage and inspire each other.

Q: What are your favorite Lensbaby Lenses to use in your session?

A: The Lensbaby Twist60. I just love that twisty blur.

Kate BeauchampwithLensbaby Twist 60

Q: How did you hear about Lensbaby, and what encouraged you to purchase a LB lens?

A: I read a review of a couple of different LB lenses in the magazine 'Practical Photography' and decided to investigate further. I just love all the different quirky effects that your lenses produce.


Q:What was your journey to becoming a photographer like?

A: For me it's all about having fun and enjoying myself. I love that there is always something new to learn with photography, whether that's something technical or creative and artistic.


Q: What is your favorite subject to photograph and how would you describe your photography style?

A: I honestly can't pick a favorite genre, I'm enjoying the challenge of photographing birds at the moment, and have also been trying to improve my portrait photography skills. I don't know that I have a particular photography style.

Kate Beauchampwith Lensbaby Spark

Q: What do you love the most about photography?

A: The challenge of learning new techniques and having a creative outlet.


Q: What helps you when you're struggling with a creative block?

A: I honestly don't think I've ever had one.

Kate BeauchampwithLensbaby Twist 60

Q: Would you consider yourself an adventurous photographer, or do you tend to stay in your comfort zone?

A: I'm adventurous, what can possibly go wrong! That's the huge advantage of shooting digital, if something hasn't worked quite as you wanted, delete!


Q: What else would you like to see from Lensbaby in the future?

A: A Lensbaby pouch with purchase, to stop my lens from getting damaged. Cheaper postage to NZ would also be great.

Kate BeauchampwithLensbaby Twist 60

Kate Beauchamp

My husband and I moved from the UK to New Zealand nearly twenty years ago. A few years ago we made a lifestyle move to the small coastal town of Whitianga. Having more free time to indulge in creative pursuits, I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3300. I joined our local photographic club, and have just been awarded the distinction of 'Licentiate' of the Photographic Society of New Zealand. We have two cats, I'm fond of cheese, chocolate, and I love a good movie.

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