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Capturing Creative Photos &  Memories
creative photography

Capturing Creative Photos & Memories

Whether you're shooting professionally or happy snaps of your family - we're all looking to capture more creative photos and memories. Lauren Bramlett explains why her Lensbaby lenses now hardly ev...

creative photographyTravel Photography with Sol 45

Travel Photography with Sol 45

Travel photography can all start to look the same. We've all seen pictures of the London eye but capturing it with a lens like the Sol 45 will create imagery like you've never seen before! Photogra...

artistic portrait photographyArtistic Portrait Photography with OMNI

Artistic Portrait Photography with OMNI

OMNI is the ultimate creative tool for shooting more artistic portrait photography. Award-winning photographer Deb Schwedhelm shares advice for capturing extraordinary environmental portraits with ...

Experimental Photography - Infrared with a Lensbaby

Experimental Photography - Infrared with a Lensbaby

Combining the experimental photography technique of infrared with Lensbaby lenses, LA-based photographer Eric Dearborn captures the world of baseball in a whole new way. He shares his creative jou...

Neo Noir with OMNI

Neo Noir with OMNI

Photographer & Event Producer Alan Lugo reveals the inspiration behind his moody Neo Noir series shot with the OMNI Creative Filter System.