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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Unlocking in Lockdown

  • 2 min read

Unlocking in Lockdown

UK photographer Khandie Khisses reminds us that life during lockdown isn't a sentence to the Bastille, but an opportunity to explore your creativity.

With 2020 pretty much being written off of most business calendars as the worst year ever, I found it be one of the more creative years for me.

Now before people say that creativity doesn’t equal bills paid, I beg to differ.

I found that more clients responded to my work during the dreaded lockdown phase of the year than they had previously. That could be due to every person and their dog being bored online. . . or as I like to see it— my work creatively was pushed.

I no longer had the studio with all the fancy lights to rely on. I was only allowed out here in the UK for a limited time and for limited activities. With no models on hand, my lockdown buddies had to step up and with little choice, model for me.

Using natural light, I have been able to produce some of pretty awesome portraits. Yeah, I am tooting my own horn here but I can see from the analytics that there is some truth to it.

Neon Portrait with Sol 45

Using my back garden and even a local empty cinema entrance I have loved utilizing my somewhat large collection of Lensbaby lenses to create images that stand out.

A complete roll call of my hoard:

Portrait of Faith with Control Freak

"The images hide the uneasy feeling in the world at that time and offer me a chance to capture a new style to focus myself on."

Portrait of Leo with OMNI Filter

Portrait of Luna with OMNI Filter

Portrait of Carly with Sol 45
Portrait of Mike with Twist 60

Khandie Khisses

Khandie went from the military, to the world of entertainment, and is now a pro photographer in Northampton, UK. Her work has been published across the globe. Khandie's true love is creating extraordinary images of people who believe they are ordinary.A burgeoning YouTuber working on the niche of dreaming big in a small town, Khandie is all about pushing herself with every shoot she does.


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