Lensbaby Storytellers: The Red Balloon Photography

Lensbaby Composer Pro Edge 80 optic girl photography portrait image Red Balloon


Have you heard about the Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge?

We're inviting you to let your imagination run wild this summer and tell us a story using still images or video, shot only with your Lensbaby.

Need a little inspiration to help kick-start your own story? We'll be showcasing some of our favorite Lensbaby storytellers on the blog throughout the challenge. Check out Seattle- based photographer Valeria Spring's series of her daughter on a beautiful spring day and find out what Valeria thinks makes a good photo story.


You describe yourself as a storyteller photographer - how do your stories come about? Do you like to plan it out or does it naturally occur?

Most of the time I have ideas in my head that spark the way I style or pick the location where I will be shooting. Since I like to tell real stories I document what's happening in front of me. The details (clothing, location, ect.) just support or enhance the feel of the final image. I almost never end up following my idea to a T but instead I document the reality that's happening as I'm shooting because I always find that more interesting and captivating.


Why did you decide to use the Edge 80 Optic in this particular shoot?

I had just purchased the Edge 80 Optic and was eager to try it! I had also been wanting to photograph my oldest daughter with the gorgeous cherry blossoms that were in full bloom at the time and I knew the Edge 80 would be the perfect way to achieve the dreaminess that I was going for. I only brought my camera and Composer Pro with the Edge 80 Optic and I am glad I did - that's when I fell completely in love with that lens!


In your opinion, what are the two most important elements that make a strong photo story?

Pay attention and document the details of what's going on. That's such a powerful way to tell a story because by showing details you are telling more about someone or the story of what's going on and at the same time you are leaving some room to the imagination of the viewer. Shooting from different angles and distances will make the story that you are trying to tell a lot more interesting and captivating.


Do you have any tips for future Lensbaby storytellers out there?

The Lensbaby optics are meant to be fun and playful, so have fun and don't give up too soon. It takes a bit of practice but the more you shoot the more in love you will fall with these lenses! They will make you smile!


Valeria Spring has many more photo stories to share and you can check them out at The Red Balloon Photography

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