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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Storytellers: Emma Wood

  • 2 min read


Have you heard about the Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge?

We're inviting you to let your imagination run wild this summer and tell us a story using still images or video, shot only with your Lensbaby.

Emma Wood is our next featured photographer-a natural light, lifestyle photographer who tells us her fairytale-like story with these gorgeous black and white photographs.


How long have you been shooting with a Lensbaby and what made you decide to try one out?

It was a gift for my birthday last December. I had been wanting a tilt-shift lens but just couldn't afford one. So I was delighted to be able to create what I had in mind with a Lensbaby.


Which optic did you use for this shoot and why did you choose to use a Lensbaby over a straight lens in this series?

For this shoot I used a Composer Pro with the Sweet 35 Optic. I wanted to create something dreamy and unique. I often find myself with my Lensbaby on my camera when I'm in a rut with my work or even if I just want something different. It just takes me away from normality and that's what I love about it.


You captured some beautiful moments here with these kiddos. Do you have any tips for photographing children and creating this magical looking environment like you did in this series?

I think it's important when using a Lensbaby to not over think a shoot. I try to let my kids just do what comes naturally because it's all about capturing the moment and having it be authentic. I don't bend the lens too much when kids are the subjects because it is easier to find focus and I probably shoot a few more frames that I normally would. I want to remember them as they were and I find that using a Lensbaby often gives a dream like, nostalgic quality that we often associate with children.

What would you say are the top 2-3 key elements to have in a series to make a good photo story?

I think it's always good to find different perspectives and angles, that way I can explore the same location and keep things interesting. I like to make sure I'm capturing the details as well as the bigger picture. It's also important that the viewer finds a connection with the subject in some way or another.

See more of Emma Wood's work at her website: Emma Wood Photography