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We Struggle as We Find Our Visual Voice

  • 1 min read

Lensbaby Manifesto Struggle

We Struggle as We Find Our Visual Voice

Its easy to be burdened with self-doubt when we experience fear, disappointment, or failure. But, arent the highs and lows equal parts of the process? Doesnt personal struggle often lead to growth, learning, and improvement? We need to remind ourselves, and the rest of the world, that its okay to take risks. Its okay to try new things and admit we dont have everything figured out -- as long as we can fall down, get back up, and keep going with more experience than before.

How do you embrace struggle as you find your visual voice?
black and white woman with black gloves dark makeup slicked back hair lensbaby manifesto struggle photo sailboats on dark water painted effect blue and grey lensbaby manifesto struggle

close up eye iris eyelashes double exposure jumping from rock black and white lensbaby manifesto struggle

person with long hair triple exposure green leafy background nature lensbaby manifesto struggle

man in hat and trench coat silhouette sun rays from clouds black and white lensbaby manifesto struggle

Need a reminder that you're not alone in your struggle? Download this high-res, printable Lensbaby manifesto poster, and hang it in a place that needs an extra splash of inspiration. Use #LBManifesto to show us where your Lensbaby Manifesto poster is hanging!

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