Sweet 22 Kit

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The Sweet 22 pancake lens from Lensbaby features the most stunning sweet spot. With a compact, robust metal body and built in focus down to 5 inches from the front element, this new mirrorless-only creative effects lens brings dramatic optical effects to stills and video imagery that have never before been possible.

The compact, tack-sharp, centered sweet spot created by the Sweet 22 gives a sense of motion to still images while creating dramatic focus transitions of moving subject matter coming into or out of the Sweet 22’s sweet spot when shooting video. A sea of impressionistic blur gradually transitioning to a precise, tack sharp sweet spot gives photographers the chance to create imagery more dramatic than previous selective focus lenses.

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Comprehensive Kit:

The Sweet 22 Kit comes complete with everything photographers need to start creating captivating images right out of the box.

Creative Flexibility:

The Lensbaby Sweet 22 Kit offers photographers unparalleled creative control with its unique optical design. Featuring a versatile 22mm selective focus optic, this kit empowers users to capture stunning images with a sweet spot of focus

Dramatic Selective Focus:

A super-wide angle of view of almost 90 degrees on full frame cameras and you have the ability to pinpoint a single subject from its surroundings while getting up close, down to 5 inches

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the Sweet 22 Kit and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Tiffany E.

Beautiful, Dreamy Bokeh

"Wonderful! Of my other Lensbaby lenses this one is so easy to nail sharp focus and have beautiful, dreamy bokeh. It really draws attention to the subject and makes gorgeous images. This is going to be a lens I bring with me everywhere!"

Linda D.

Tack Sharp

"Lensbaby has done it again! The Sweet 22 is tack-sharp in the center and has a beautiful bokeh. Well built and so compact and lightweight. Easy to carry around and take shots on the fly!"

Jim Fisher for PC Mag


"The affordable Lensbaby Sweet 22 renders pleasing blur around a small area of focus and sees a wider view than any other lens of its type."