OMNI Adapter For Composer Pro II Kit

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The OMNI Adapter for the Composer Pro II Kit puts all our OMNI effects at your fingertips while maintaining independent focus and aperture control when you use any Lensbaby Optic with the Composer Pro II. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the ease of installation and removal will keep you in the zone, ready to capture that perfect shot with stunning effects from both optics and filters from OMNI. With lightning speed lock in your OMNI Ring, small ring included, with your Composer Pro II OMNI Filter Adapter. This innovative design bypasses the standard extending focus mechanism, delivering an ultra-strong connection that can withstand any photoshoot. Brace yourself for an explosion of creativity as you layer lens effects with multiple layers of OMNI Filter magic. 

*Please note that the OMNI Adapter for Composer Pro II is designed to allow you to add OMNI Filter Systems to the Composer Pro II.

Creative Flexibility:

The OMNI Adapter for Composer Pro II Kit by Lensbaby empowers photographers with unparalleled creative control. It allows for the effortless attachment of prisms, crystals, and other optical elements directly onto the Composer Pro II lens

Intuitive Workflow:

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the OMNI Adapter simplifies the process of adding creative effects to your images. The included magnetic mounts make it easy to attach and swap out optical elements on the fly, allowing photographers to experiment with different looks

Seamless Integration:

The Lensbaby OMNI offers a hassle-free mounting experience, seamlessly attaching to your lens via a universal magnetic mounting system. This intuitive design ensures quick and secure attachment, allowing photographers to effortlessly transition between different effect wands and creative tools without interrupting their workflow.

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the OMNI Adapter For Composer Pro II Kit and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Michelle P.

A Must Have

"Adding this to your OMNI collection is a must. I love that you also included a prism and fancy glass to give a newbie something to get their feet wet with."

Rosemary L.

New Level of Creativity

"Love this. It holds all my wands securely and adds a whole new level of creativity to my life."

Shelley S.

Easier than Handheld!

"I’ve handheld OMNI wands when I use the composer pro, but this is so much easier! It’s nice to have the Omni system sit on the composer pro behind the optics for more effect. If you have a Composer Pro II you should definitely get this!"