Lensbaby Makers: Janet Broughton

Lensbaby Makers: Janet Broughton

Lensbaby Makers is a series that looks into the world of influential Lensbaby shooters. Press play to see these photographers in action as they work through their creative process.
Meet Janet Broughton

Shooting with Lensbaby lenses makes me take a slower, more considered approach to my craft due to the manual focus aspect. I also slow down because I prefer not to crop my Lensbaby images, not wanting to lose any of the lovely blur from around the edges. When I'm shooting with a Lensbaby, I think much more carefully about my framing and composition. I take fewer shots than I would with a "normal" lens because I'm more considerate, but I still end up with more keepers.

My Lensbaby lenses allow me to harness my imagination and the way I feel about a subject. They allow me to create photographs that reflect my own view of the world around me.

Shooting with a Lensbaby allows me to shoot with a much greater freedom. I don't feel a need to conform to any photographic rules and, because of the slower approach, I feel a deeper connection to my subject.

Watch Janet fine-tune her work in Lightroom

Janet's Kit

I shoot around 90% of the time with Lensbaby lenses. I have the original Composer and Velvet 85, Velvet 56, Sweet 80, Sweet 50, Twist 60, Edge 50 and Macro Converters. I will usually have the Velvets and a couple of the others with me at any one time. Which ones just depends on how I'm feeling when I pack my bag. I also have, but use less often, the Double Glass, Plastic, Soft Focus and Pinhole/Zone Plate lenses.

I have four different vintage lenses, but the Helios 44-2 is the one I use most. If I need to use an autofocus lens, it will usually be the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 or Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro. I do have a few other lenses but they are rarely used.

Cameras & Accessories
I shoot with the Sony A99 and also have a Sony A580, which I loan to people who book Lensbaby Training Days.

I love natural light and rarely find the need to use anything else. I carry a small unbranded reflector, just in case I need it. I own but very rarely use a Sony flash, and if I'm shooting still life on a dull day I use a daylight balanced continuous light with a softbox.

I have a Slik AMT tripod, which I sometimes throw in the car but don't usually get it out. I don't like the restriction of using a tripod. I like to be free to move around my subject and explore different angles, so I feel like a tripod takes away my freedom.

Learn from Janet Broughton

Join one of Janet's upcoming workshops, or schedule a 1-2-1 Lensbaby training day.

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