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Lensbaby Artists: Nuno Caldeira

  • 2 min read

Lensbaby Artists Nuno Caldeira

Lensbaby Artists is a virtual exploration of a gallery featuring the work of talented Lensbaby photographers. Each video celebrates the story behind the work of a different Lensbaby artist. Follow the series to get to know these inspiring shooters.
Meet Nuno Caldeira

Obviously, having fun is always important because it feeds the photography beast inside who always wants more. When I started out, my goal was to capture my adventures. As I improved and tried different optics, I started to realize that I wanted to spend more time shooting and less time editing.I wanted to showcase my adventures, but I also wanted my photos to be unique. Nowadays, its easy to take a nice picture with a smartphone. The hard part is mastering the perfect shot, and showing your unique personality through your work.

Lensbaby played a crucial role in the development of the photographer I am today. I use Lensbaby lenses 90% of the time because with them I always have fun, and I love what they allow me to do. They have a uniqueness that cant be faked digitally, and they truly capture how a human eye sees the world.

Nuno Caldeira profile picture circular fisheye climbing climber climbing wall selfie Lensbaby Artists Nuno Caldeira

Lensbaby lenses have unique features that achieve different looks. The Edge optics played an important role in the type of landscape photos I make. If it wasn't for these optics, and the time I dedicated to learning how to get the best images out of them, my photos would just look like tons of others out there. Being unique and standing out is important and, without a doubt, Lensbaby allowed me to find a better photographer hiding within.

I remember when the Edge 80 came out. The steep terrain around my hometown of Madeira, Portugal makes it so easy to get a great miniature look. Im always trying to show places like no one else has shown it before. The challenge ends when you reach your comfort zone, so go out, take your Lensbaby, and explore those places youve been to before. Make them your own.
Lensbaby Artists Nuno Caldeira photo collage nature outdoor photography

Nuno's Kit

Lensbaby gear
Sweet 35 & Sweet 50
Edge 50 & Edge 80
Circular Fisheye
Twist 60
Velvet 56
Creative Bokeh Optic
Double Glass Optic
Macro Converters
Wide Ange/ 1.6X Telephoto Converters

Other gear
Camera: Canon
Tripod: 3 Legged Thing Albert with L-bracket
Filters: Tiffen Variable ND filter and Circular Polarizing filter

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