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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week | Nicole LaPointe

  • 3 min read

Lensbaby Unplugged Member of the Week

Interview with Nicole LaPointe

Each week we feature a Lensbaby Unplugged Member and learn more about their photography history. Read more to learn about Nicole's photography experience!
Nicole LaPointewithLensbaby

Q: What is your favorite shoot you've ever done?

A: With documentary being a favorite genre of mine to shoot, I love going out on photo walks around town and just seeing what I find. I have really enjoyed the Lensbaby walks, they really push me to think creatively. I really enjoy incorporating my Edge 35 in my portraits and landscapes because of the freelensed feel and the emotiveness it creates. I like to take my sol 45 out with the Lensbaby macro filters to get those detailed shots. And of course my Omni's go with me everywhere, they add that extra umph of sparkle and mystery that takes my images to the next level.


Q: What inspires you to reach for your camera? How often do you reach for your camera?

A: Multiple times a day. I am on my 2nd 365. My camera goes with me everywhere.

Q: What are your favorite Lensbaby Lenses to use in your session?

A: Edge 35 hands down.

Nicole LaPointewith Lensbaby

Q: How did you hear about Lensbaby, and what encouraged you to purchase a LB lens?

A: From fellow photographers when I was in a blur loop in 2020. I was freelensing and I noticed they were using Lensbaby. I love blur so I was sold!


Q:What was your journey to becoming a photographer like?

A: I started running around with a camera in hand at age 3. I have taken pictures ever since. I took classes (film/dark room) in high school and college. And just never stopped. I opened my client based business in 2007. I started teaching in 2020. I am still currently shooting for clients as well as teaching.


Q: What is your favorite subject to photograph and how would you describe your photography style?

A: Portraiture & documentary. Eclectic, vintage, earthy, emotive.

Nicole LaPointewith Lensbaby

Q: What do you love the most about photography?

A: The creative is a type of rest & therapy.


Q: What helps you when you're struggling with a creative block?

A: Challenges. forcing myself to shoot something different (like genre) or with a different tool (only use a certain lens) or only shoot at a certain time of day or location. I will often go for a walk with my camera and just shoot found still life.

Nicole LaPointewith Lensbaby

Q: Would you consider yourself an adventurous photographer, or do you tend to stay in your comfort zone?

A: Yes, because I challenge myself with genres I am unfamiliar with often.


Q: What else would you like to see from Lensbaby in the future?

A: I don't know. There are still Lenses I haven't tried yet on my wishlist. Maybe more prisms, like a star or spirals.

Nicole LaPointe with Lensbaby

Nicole LaPointe

I specialize in Artistic Lifestyle Portraiture & Documentary Photography for clients in Michigan & Florida. I am also an Abstract, Landscape, Street, Concert, & Wildlife Artist with artwork for sale. I have been practicing photography for 20+ years now.I am a Click Pro Elite Artist I am part of the Worldwide Documentary Family Photographer Community.I am the Curator and Moderator of the feature hub on IG, This Artist Soul.I have a passion for documentary work, and have completed a 365 project (a shoot and edit daily project), and am currently working on completing another 365 for 2022.

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