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Twist 60 Review by Rachel Shomsky

  • 2 min read

By Rachel Shomsky on 4/6/16

Introducing Twist 60, a 60mm f/2.5 metal-bodied non-tilting lens that makes your subjects pop from their background, framed by delicious, twisty, swirly blur on full frame cameras. Twist 60s vignette calls further attention to anything you place within the large central area of focus, for a timeless, vintage look.

Wedding and portrait photographer Rachel Shomsky recently shot with Twist 60 - read about her first impressions below.

"I have this love for unusual lenses and the Twist 60 fits right in. I love the way it transforms an ordinary scene into something magical! The way it twists the bokeh is so smooth and the glass is tack sharp. Ill be reaching for this when I want to give my image that extra 'kick' that will leave a client thinking 'how did you do that??'

Its going to work best with more interesting backgrounds that have a lot of bokeh going on, like light coming through trees, or a lot of lights, which is something Im always looking for."

Check out these tips for getting the most out of Twist 60:

  • Shoot wide open! With a large area of focus even at bright apertures, you'll get the most swirly bokeh effect with subtle vignette while your subject remains tack-sharp.
  • Textured backgrounds will work best as a backdrop for Twist 60 shots - they'll really show off that swirl.
  • Pay attention to the light - trees with light filtering through the leaves, or any street or holiday lights, will accentuate the swirl.
  • Put some space between your subject and background - additional separation will really make your subject pop.
  • Twist 60 is also available as an Optic for use in other titling Lensbaby lenses. However, for best results, shoot straight ahead.

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

Twist 60 photo by Rachel Shomsky

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