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My First Glimpse Through The Twist 60

  • 1 min read

By Ana Rosenberg on 4/13/16

Twist 60 photo by Ana Rosenberg

A great Twist! That is what I get when shooting with the latest Lensbaby Twist 60. Shooting at a large aperture with this new lens creates a beautiful, swirly bokeh effect.

Twist 60 photo by Ana Rosenberg

I specialize in portraiture and child photography and I find that this new lens is PERFECT for my portrait work. As an added bonus, when I tried it for a nature photography project, it rendered equally beautiful results with selective focus and creamy swirly backgrounds.

Twist 60 photo by Ana Rosenberg

Some tips for shooting with Twist 60: place your subject a couple of feet away form your background, this way, the closer you are to your subject, the more larger the soft swirly bokeh effect will be. So get up close, and shoot tight if you want the dreamy effect. Step back, and your swirls will become tighter and smaller. Try and experiment to find the right combination with your distance from camera to subject.

Twist 60 photo by Ana Rosenberg

Why do I love Twist 60? I love that crazy swirl look. I love that this lens made me slow down and think about my shots. Like all my Lensbaby lenses, Twist 60 has a learning curve and presents a new challenge, but in the end, it was a fun and worthwhile experience!

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