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Shannon Kathleen Photography | Edge 35

The talented Shannon Kathleen Photography roadtests our newest lens, the Composer Pro II with Edge 35 Optic. Find out why she can't get enough of this powerful wider focal length.

A few months ago I was asked by the makers of Lensbaby to be a beta tester for a new lens being developed.... a lens that some of us artists have been dying to see made!!

I already own 2 amazing artistic lenses of theirs and LOVE how no matter what, they get me through a creative rut. The Lensbaby lenses that I own:

With this new lens that was released, you can now fit more of your story into the frame!

Exhibit A:

I had taken the Edge 35mm and brought it to Arizona with me in February to use during a photo session with my incredible and gorgeous friend, Mary.

Days before I arrived, Mary had gotten a new Goldendoodle puppy (Waffles) and could not leave him alone... so we decided to shoot the entire session indoors... this really put the Edge 35 to the test for me!! With the lowest f/stop being 3.5 on the lens I was so curious to see how well it could handle the low light and excited to use the 35mm length within the tight quarters of her home.

The lens did NOT let me down!! Here are the rest of the images of Mary taken using the Lensbaby Edge 35 (and PS... shes 15 weeks pregnant here):

While I was on vacation in AZ, I tried to take the lens with me wherever I would go to experiment some more with it. Below youll see some examples while out with my son, my mom, and my moms Mini Goldendoodle, Maggie.

All in all, Im extremely impressed with how tack sharp the lens is. Lensbaby, you never cease to amaze me!

Check out more from Shannon Kathleen Photography at her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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