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Lensbaby Creators: Barbara Corley

  • 2 min read
Edge Challenge

Once you learn how to master their magic, our Edge lenses and optics become your ultimate storytelling tools. We challenged some of our creators to share three Edge shots that they were most proud of, capturing the moment with that perfectly placed slice of focus. Barbara Corley shares her results and experience with us.

Capture the moment. Oh, my. I felt the pressure was on to come up with three shots Im really proud of - that captured the moment with the slice of focus right where I wanted it. Ive used the edge optics with somewhat limited success. So back to Lensbaby University for a refresher course.

Before heading out on a photo walk I performed a little exercise of manipulating the lens around to familiarize myself with the angle of the slice. I found I had better luck with the slice if the lock ring on the composer was fairly loose but not sloppy. A brighter scene also helped in locating focus. But was a challenge with the current drab weather and flat light.

My assignment for this challenge was to incorporate a person into the scene. Deciding on this helped to narrow the search of a picture, keeping it simple in thought.

The first picture was taken in front of a Courthouse as I passed by. The light hitting the front of the man is what caught my eye. I only had time for one shot. My focus was for the slice to travel from the man, up the stairs to the clock.

The second picture taken at the Duck Pond was sort of staged. When I saw the geese on shore I had my husband stand in position while I ran to the other side of the pond. Fortunately, my husband stayed put and I was able to get the shot where the focus carried across the pond, to the geese, then to him.

For the third picture, my camera was tucked away inside my jacket. First catching my eye on the yellow leaves it was then a quick retrieval of my camera and focus, taking me to the women in the background. More practice, more fun.

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