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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Project Disrupt: Andrea Dixon - Part 1

  • 2 min read

Project Disrupt: Andrea Dixon - Part 1

Andrea Dixon is a digital artist and photographer who spends four months of every year working in Antarctica. After being selected as one of our Project Disrupt competition winners, she deployed to the southernmost point on earth, equipped with a

As a photographer and digital artist, my goal is to show my audience a version of things that they can't see for themselves. My aim is to create an image that has a little mystery, and perhaps magic, for the viewer. Images as stories with open-ended questions that leave you wondering.


Im shooting this lens in Antarctica and the f/3.5 presented a good challenge shooting outside in the 24/7 daylight conditions. Using a fast shutter speed and closing the bokeh arms on the front of the lens solved the problem.

The Sol 45 is an absolute treat to shoot with. I create digital artwork layering photos upon photos. The dreamy bokeh edges of the Sol 45 images and the ability to really define your subject in such a distinct way is perfect for the kind of work I do. Its allowed me to create the images I see in my head when Im out shooting and isnt that goal of every good lens?

Im shooting this lens with a Canon 5D Mark IV. As with many Lensbaby lenses, the size & weight of this lens is hard to believe. It hardly feels like there is a lens on the camera. My camera with the lens fits perfectly in the pocket of my parka making it my go-to lens now for shooting at the ends of the earth.

Its a joy to shoot with this lens and Im grateful to have found it. I shoot it virtually every day and cant wait to see what I can create with it next. Thanks Lensbaby!

You can check out more of Andrea's work on her website and Instagram.