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Creator of the Week | Cody Farrall

  • 2 min read

Cody Farrall

Creators are more than just skilled visual artists. They push boundaries, experiment, take risks, follow their passions, and look for different ways of expressing themselves. Our Creator of the Week series shines a spotlight on the creatives behind the camera, as well as the amazing work they produce.

This week's featured creator is

What do you think about the concept of perfection in regards to creative output?

I think perfection is overrated. I spent SO many months (years) focusing on the technical aspects - exposure, focus, composition. I've since realized that I lost myself and my creativity. I'm glad that I have that technical foundation to build on, but I'm trying to teach myself to let go of perfection and shoot how the moment feels. I often remind myself - when I'm 80 years old and look back at my photos, will I appreciate a perfectly focused boring moment? Or be drawn to the imperfect moment that makes me remember how it felt in 2018?

Where do you find inspiration and motivation for your work?

My kids. I know it's cliche, but it's true. They change so quickly and now that they are older I keep reminding myself that these are "the golden years" - old enough to go out and do things, but still young enough that everything is new and exciting and we are their whole world. Photos have the power to instantly transport us back to a time and place; my main motivation is my future self and how I want to remember this moment.

Why do you enjoy shooting with Lensbaby lenses?

At first, they are slightly intimidating to use, especially for someone who has no experience with manual lenses. I quickly fell in love with how light the lenses are and the fact that I can change the look with just a simple lens swap. I also love that the part of the photo that is in focus is almost always tack sharp - I'm a recovering perfectionist and that little bit of sharp focus surrounded by blur makes my heart happy.

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot with Lensbaby lenses?

I love to shoot our everyday life using Lensbaby. I'm moment-driven: nothing sparks my creativity like seeing my kids play around our farm or discover something new. These everyday moments (rarely do I have the patience to set up a photo) are how I want my kids to remember their childhood.

What about the results of shooting with Lensbaby lenses do you love?

I love the nostalgia and dream-like quality that Lensbaby gives my images - it's almost like a memory. The amazing flare is a bonus, especially with the

Check out more of Cody's work on her website and Instagram .

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