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Lensbaby Storytellers: Jesica Almaguer

  • 1 min read

Making of Amnesia from Sugarflower Photography on Vimeo.

Have you heard about the Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge? We're inviting you to let your imagination run wild this summer and tell us a story using still images or video, shot only with your Lensbaby. Need a little inspiration to help kick-start your own story? We'll be showcasing some of our favorite Lensbaby storytellers on the blog throughout the challenge. Check out Jesica Almaguer's visionary narrative. We love the fairy tale world this portrait photographer out of Monterrey, Mexico created with a few props, a model, and a little imagination.


What inspired your photo story?

The book named "The Secret lives of the Princesses" by Philippe Lechermeier.

Which Lensbaby Optic did you use and why did you decide that Lensbaby would work for this particular shoot?

I decided to use the Composer Pro with Sweet 35 because I knew it would help me achieve the look I was going for. Since the shoot was about amnesia and forgotten memories, the out of focus effect of the Sweet 35 Optic helped a lot to get the ethereal, dreamy look.

Any tips to offer other photographers that are participating in the photo challenge?

Choose a theme and develop a story from there. Knowing what colors you want and what poses you need before taking the shots will facilitate all the work. Try to invest in some props and items and make the best out of your shooting location. Make sure to choose wisely since the location can either make or break your photographs.


See more of Jesy Almaguer's work at Sugarflower Photography.

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