Laura Evans, Dreaming of Travel


(photo above shot with Edge 80 Optic)

Laura Evans is a fine art photographer currently based in the U.K. who is inspired by her infant son, traveling, the great outdoors & all things pretty. An English stay-at-home Mum & a military wife married to a Cali boy, her friends & family, sarcasm, running, books & vintage cameras are among the things she values most. She first discovered her passion for photography at age 17 and has since achieved a photography degree from Leeds Metropolitan University, worked as a sports photographer & run a successful portrait business along the way. Now she is focussing her passion on her first love...fine art photography. Laura's work can be found on etsyand her blog.

When & how did you first discover your passion for photography?

The short version was it was just something I realized I wanted to do when I went to college at 16 and over the past, um, "several" years I have studied it, gotten a degree, taught and photographed people, motorbikes, food and the paralympics. Now I am doing what I love (fine art photography) whilst being a stay at home mum and going wherever uncle sam feels the need to take us (which is currently back to little old England). I have done many things along the way but have always returned to photography and feel it is a part of who I am and I would be lost without it.


(photo above shot with Sweet 35 Optic)

How did you first discover Lensbaby? What was your first Lensbaby lens, and what lens or optic is currently your favorite?

Honestly I am not sure where I first discovered it but I had been coveting one for some time when my husband went TDY (temporary duty assignment), leaving me with a 14-month-old little boy for a week and the purchase saved my sanity! My first lens was the Composer Pro and my current favourite optic is the Edge 80 though I am trying to experiment with the others and step out of my comfort zone.


(photo above shot with Edge 80 Optic)

Your Edge 80 Venice photos are just lovely. What made you choose to shoot with that optic on this trip?

I purchased both the Edge 80 and the Sweet 35 when I got my Composer Pro (I am indecisive like that) and took them both with me to Paris a couple of weeks later. I tried shooting with both but couldn't get what I wanted from the Sweet 35 on that trip. I continued to shoot with the Edge 80 & it quickly became my preference so when I went to Venice it went without saying that I would shoot the majority of my vacation with it. I find the Edge 80 perfect for wandering around a city, it creates a "slice" of life and I feel it gives that missing something to much of my work.


(photo above shot with Edge 80 Optic)

What is your favorite Lensbaby image (or, top 2-3 if you can't pick just one!)?


(photo above shot with Sweet 35 Optic)

This is one of the most recent images I took of my son...I wanted to focus on him and the moment, and not technique so the Sweet 35 was the perfect "tool". Have you ever tried photographing an over active 2-year-old using only manual focus? I feel that this optic allowed me to capture some of who he is as well as his "physical" self.


(photo above shot with Edge 80 Optic)

Also, this image of the beach with the quote...simply because it says so much about my life right now. I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son and I am doing what I one can take that away from me!


(photo above shot with Pinhole Optic)

Any tips for photographers new to Lensbaby, manual focus, etc?

If you have issues shooting manual or with manual focus then this is not the lens for you. It takes a lot of practice, when that sweet spot is a little off there is no saving the image. Be prepared for a lot of frustration but know that when you get it right it's perfect! I do believe the Lensbaby isn't for everyone but it can give you that extra something in your work and it's perfect for having fun.


(photo above shot with Double Glass Optic & .42x Super Wide Conversion Lens)

See more of Laura's work on etsy or her blog.

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