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Featured Photos of the Week! April 13, 2018

  • 2 min read

Welcome to the Lensbaby's Featured Photos of the Week
Street and Landscape Photo Challenge
Patterns Winners Edition!

For Lensbaby's Featured Photos of the Week, we're sharing our favorite photos from the Lensbaby community. This week, we're showcasing the winners of the second round of our Lensbaby Street and Landscape Photo Challenge. The theme for these photos is Patterns.

Included below each photo is a short explanation as to why the photo was chosen.

The composition of the negative space and the juxtaposition of the streaks in the sky crossing over the 3rd tower create a striking image.

The pattern of the ice, paralleling the pattern of the fence/railing & the background bokeh, give depth and texture, leading your eye through the photo.

Lisa found an ordinary scene and turned it into a work of art. The sharp bottles in the middle tell just enough to help the viewer understand what's going on. The colors are warm and inviting.

The repetition of the diagonal lines from the building fading off into the distance leads your eye to the second focal point. And the subtle reflections you get on the floor from the beams add another layer of detail to this beautifully clean, modern, simple architecture photo.

We also offered a Patterns bonus challenge-- Color & Shape-- and below are the bonus challenge winners.

The composition of this shot is nicely divided into blocks of color, with the whimsical pink of the flamingo, and the placement of the slice of focus, bringing it all together.

The subject matter and the lens's effect enhances the drama and feeling of the photo. The color palette is warm, inviting, well-balanced and harmonious. The outward circular ripples of the waves obstructed by the 2 singular vertical beams of light on the right add extra interest.

The bold, primary colors in the mural jump out of the gray background that frames the painting. The selective focus brings the viewer's eyes into contact with the big blue eyes in the center of the frame.

Find all of the entries by heading over to the Lensbaby Street and Landscape Photo Challenge Flickr Group. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners!

If you'd like to be considered for future Lensbaby Featured Photos of the Week, send your best images to, tag #Lensbaby on Instagram and share in our Lensbaby Unplugged Facebook group.

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