Lensbaby Sol Stories feature artists and photographers who found a new creative freedom by shooting with the new Lensbaby Sol 45 & 22 lenses.

Andy Batt is a professional photographer and creative director based in Portland, OR. He discovered photography in high school, which led him to the commercial photo program at RIT, then led him to become a photo assistant. 20 years later, he’s still having fun being a photographer. Andy is always looking to apply his craft and creativity to new ideas, stories, and projects. He creates as much in-camera as possible opening up so many more creative options.


“Lensbaby allows me the freedom to push that creativity further in the moment – once I know I’ve got what I need with my straight glass, there’s a bit of room to experiment. The Sol is different than simply shooting a f/2.0 lens—it has a very unique look going on in the corners; a little bokeh, a touch of distortion, and focus that falls off smoothly. It’s a simple lens but powerfully creative. It’s just enough to offer a different way of looking at the scene, while not overpowering the shot.”

Check out more of Andy’s work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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