Inspiration is everywhere we look and Sol can be the ideal lens to capture your unique take on the world. Travel, portraits, macro – this compact creative powerhouse can do it all. Kathy Linford shares a beautifully diverse series of images, all shot with Sol 45 | 22.

I actually debated the Sol 45, since I already have the Sweet 35 and figured they would be pretty similar. But I’m so glad I purchased it! For starters, it is a super light lens and small so great for travel. It is my go-to travel lens now. It’s easily manipulated to change the sweet spot or locked in place to hold the center focus. I love the creamy blur it creates when you don’t use the bokeh blades and the sun flare that can be created is amazing. You can also use screw-on macro filters. I love the versatility of being able to shoot landscapes or people or macro with this lens. Basically, the Sol 45 offers so many options for creativity that it’s impossible not to love it!

Check out more of Kathy’s work on her website and Instagram.

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