Velvet 85 Silver

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A manual focus portrait lens, the Velvet 85 can be both dreamy and delicate — or tack sharp and subtly vintage at 85mm. Create soulful portraits with our Velvet 85 art lens. Compose impressionistic masterpieces with a velvety glow at bright apertures, straight out of camera. Use darker apertures to bypass glow and make images with a crisp, film-like aesthetic.

Building on the strengths of our bestselling Velvet 56 lens, the Velvet 85 combines lustrous skin tones with the added compression and buttery smooth bokeh found in the best 85mm portrait lenses. Use its macro capabilities to capture significant details with new life.

The Velvet 85 design features a solid heft and smooth, dampened manual focus, making it perfect for creative self portrait photography.

Color: Silver
Mount: Canon EF (DSLR)
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Velvety Soft Focus:

The Velvet 85 produces a dreamy, soft-focus effect that adds a romantic and ethereal quality to your photos. This effect is particularly pronounced when shooting wide open, giving your images a beautiful, painterly feel.

Versatile Focal Length:

With its 85mm focal length, this lens is well-suited for portraiture, allowing you to capture intimate and expressive portraits with creamy bokeh.

Next-Level Macro:

With a minimum focusing distance of just over 9 inches (23cm), photographers can explore intricate details and textures, all while maintaining the lens's signature velvety softness. This makes it perfect for capturing the delicate beauty of flowers, intricate patterns, and other small subjects, allowing photographers to unleash their creativity in new and captivating ways.

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Reviews from Media

Lois K.

Beautiful Bokeh

"The Velvet 85 is a lens that I have wanted for such a long time and I finally ordered it. It totally lives up to and surpasses my expectations. A sharp lens where you want it but with beautiful bokeh around the subject. I like to shoot wide apertures and this lens performs beautifully. I’m so happy I finally added this one to my kit."

Jeanette K.

Dreamy Looks

"This is my first Lensbaby lens and I am hooked! I love the dreamy looks I can create and super excited that I can use for both portrait and macro photography!"

Kevin Kubota for PetaPixel

Optically Unique

“The Velvet 85 gives me the versatility of having a very sharp lens with a film-like color palette, and a beautifully soft portrait lens, all in one. The focal length is ideal for portraits and the glow is optically unique — something that is hard to replicate with software effects.”