Sweet 80 Optic

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Blow past simple depth of field and make a new kind of portrait with our Sweet 80 Optic. Bring tack sharp focus to your subject while the surrounding area fills with compelling streaky bokeh. Blow past simple depth of field. Create an entirely new composition with our Sweet 80 Optic. When asked "what is bokeh photography?" The Sweet 80 Optic is the answer! Bring tack sharp focus to your subject. Fill the surrounding area with compelling, streaky bokeh. We've harnessed basic physics to create blur in-camera, bending depth of field around your subject. The result? Your new favorite in-camera effect.

The Sweet 80 Optic is an 80mm f/2.8 tilt lens that brings our classic "sweet spot" look to portrait photographers, or anyone looking for selective focus at a longer focal length. Sweet 80’s 12 aperture blades make for a perfectly smooth transition from sharp to soft.

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Perfect Portraits:

The 80mm focal length is beloved by portrait photographers for its flattering perspective and ability to isolate the subject.

Selective Focus:

Draws attention to your subject with a sharp sweet spot and creamy, blurred surroundings.

Utilizes Composer Pro II:

Please note. In order to use this optic you will need a Composer Pro II. Choose versatility with Lensbaby and our best lens body yet.

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the Sweet 80 Optic and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Therese K.

Smooth Blur and Bokeh

"This optic is so nice! I fell in love with the sweet spot optics when I purchased the Sol 45, but I feel like this focal length is probably the best one of them all! Wide open, the lens flares beautifully in direct light, and the blur and bokeh are so smooth. There is a “macro” feature on this optic too, making it incredibly versatile!"

Terry T.

Phenomenal Experience

"My overall experience using the Sweet 80 has been phenomenal. Having used all the other sweet optics, this lens is fast becoming my favorite of them. I love the compression of the longer focal length and the built in close up function. Using this lens on a crop sensor camera has also been quite beneficial as it makes the 80 focal length 1.6x longer, so roughly 130mm.I have enjoyed the learning curve of this, and every Lensbaby lens. Highly recommend it."

Haleana Knights for PetaPixel

Creative Versatility

"The lens has so much creative versatility, I’m already planning to shoot on location with it. I WANT to put it on my camera and go on an adventure to see what it unearths. There is no question that I am going to have to use it a LOT."