Spark 2.0

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A living sculpture of photographic spontaneity, Lensbaby’s Spark 2.0 draws on the design of the Original Lensbaby first introduced in 2004. Spark 2.0 combines the Original’s dance-like process of focusing and tilting with internally adjustable apertures plus compatibility with any of the 15 Optic Swap optics that Lensbaby has introduced since 2008. With a squeeze to focus interface any Lensbaby user, new or experienced, can enter into a magical process of focusing and tilting that moves with their subject matter.

Due to the mystery they add to Lensbaby’s already unique images, flexible body Lensbabies like the Spark 2.0 have been used in motion pictures and video productions ranging from the academy award nominated film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, to music videos, to a host of currently streaming TV series on Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Hulu.

Mount: Canon RF (Mirrorless)
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Enhanced Performance:

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Lensbaby Spark 2.0 boasts improved optics and precision engineering for enhanced performance and image quality. With upgraded glass elements and refined construction, photographers can expect sharper details, smoother transitions, and superior contrast, elevating their photography to new heights.

Creative Freedom:

The Lensbaby Spark 2.0 empowers photographers with unparalleled creative control, allowing them to effortlessly capture stunning, one-of-a-kind images. Its innovative design enables users to bend and twist the lens, creating unique blur effects, selective focus, and dreamy bokeh, adding a distinctive touch to every shot.

Versatile Compatibility:

Designed to adapt to a wide range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Lensbaby Spark 2.0 ensures compatibility with various camera systems, providing photographers with the flexibility to unleash their creativity across different platforms. Whether shooting portraits, landscapes, or macro subjects, this lens delivers exceptional results with ease.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Peggy N.

Color Outside the Lines

"I just love using this lens! It feels very organic to manipulate the lens to get the focus right where I want it. It's great to have such a creative break from traditional lenses, and break a lot of traditional rules about what needs to be sharp. Take up your Lensbaby and color outside the lines."

David E.


"This is the latest in a long line of optic swap bodies I’ve purchased. Starting with the Lensbaby original, the Muse, the Composer, and now the Spark 2.0, I love everything about this system. I particularly like being able to manipulate the focus and sweet spot while recording video, effectively turning the lens into a type of performance. Spark 2.0 is fantastic, allowing me to continue using my whole collection of optics while adding integrated aperture control. I couldn’t be happier!"

Jaron Schneider for PetaPixel

Dramatic Blur

"The Spark 2.0 draws on the design from Lensbaby’s original lens the company introduced in 2004. The company calls the focusing system “dance-like,” but it’s more akin to how you might envision compressing a spring-loaded hose. Rather than the conventional method of twisting a dial to adjust manual focus, the Spark 2.0 is focused by adding or reducing pressure on that hose. The amount of dramatic blur that is introduced can also be controlled by tilting the hose in any direction."