Composer Pro II + Sweet 50

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The Lensbaby Composer Pro II + Sweet 50 is a game-changer in creative photography, perfect for artists seeking dreamlike images. The Composer Pro II's ball-and-socket design offers precise tilt and swivel for unique perspectives. Its durable build ensures reliable performance.

The Sweet 50 optic, a 50mm lens, provides a focused sweet spot surrounded by increasing blur, allowing easy control of depth of field and drawing attention to your subject. Ideal for portrait artists and landscape enthusiasts, this lens system opens endless creative possibilities. Elevate your photography with selective focus and make lasting impressions. Capture the extraordinary with every shot.

Mount: Sony E (Mirrorless)
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Signature Optic:

The Sweet 50 optic, a 50mm lens, creates a sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradual blur, characteristic of Lensbaby's trademark look, perfect for emphasizing subjects.

Creative Versatility:

Ideal for portrait artists, landscape enthusiasts, or any photographer seeking a unique visual signature, this lens system opens endless creative possibilities and elevates your photography.

Precision Control:

The Composer Pro II's ball-and-socket design allows for effortless tilt and swivel, enabling unique perspectives and selective focus for artistic photography.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Misti P.

Great Addition

"A great addition to my lensbaby family. I love how you can add a sense of magic and movement to photos. The lens flares being rainbow aren't bad either."

Josh Chun for SLR Lounge

Unique Look

"The Lensbaby 50mm Sweet 50 and Composer Pro II offers a unique, in-camera look that I think is incredible. Its lightweight and small size make it super easy to carry around, and the build quality is pretty robust as well. I definitely want to pick up another Lensbaby lens."

Marsha S.

Beautiful Sharpness

"The Sweet 50 is pretty easy to use. It is a sharp lens where you want sharpness to come through and has a beautiful look overall. Love it!"