Composer Pro II with Soft Focus II

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The 50mm Soft Focus II creates an impressionistic image with subtle sharp detail beneath dreamy glow. Rendering a color palette tending toward soft pastels at brighter apertures and producing a remarkably flat field of focus, this optic makes possible images that are impossible to achieve with any other lens. Stopped down to f/8 or darker, the Soft Focus II produces beautifully detailed, traditionally sharp images with a large central area of focus and out-of-focus edges on full-frame sensors and 35mm film. Quick variability of the optical effect from impressionistic and full of glow to contrasty and sharp is made possible by the internal 12-blade aperture combined with four uniquely shaped drop-in magnetic aperture disks. Take full control with the SFII and Composer Pro II.

Mount: Sony E (Mirrorless)
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Versatile Aperture Control:

The Composer Pro II with Soft Focus II features a 12-blade manually adjustable internal aperture, allowing photographers to easily switch from impressionistic, soft-focus effects to sharp, detailed images.

Creative Flexibility:

With an aperture range from f/2.5 to f/22 and a unique drop-in magnetic aperture system, this lens offers unparalleled creative control for capturing everything from soft, pastel-tinted images to traditionally sharp photos.

Unprecedented Colors:

Soft pastel colors and a flat field of focus at wider apertures, and sharp, detailed photos with a large central focus area when stopped down.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Pat J.

Ethereal Look

"Wonderful!!! The soft focus glow gave the ethereal look to my photos that I was hoping for. Excellent lens!!"

Stawn B.

Create Unique Looking Images

"I was a big fan of the original Soft Focus optic, so this is a welcome upgrade. Love the wide range of looks this gives, everything from impressionistic to very clear. I can create even more unique-looking images by using the drop-in magnetic aperture disks that come with the lens (and I'll be experimenting with the disks that I have from the Creative Bokeh optic). This lens will be in my camera bag as a permanent fixture (along with the Velvet 56)."

Jim Fisher for PC Mag

Soft Glow

"The fully manual Lensbaby Soft Focus II leans into optical imperfections to draw the world with a lovely, soft glow and now offers internal aperture control."