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Radiant edge-to-edge glow

Get the effect with Velvet 28, 56, 85 & Trio 28.

Create a seriously unique look - all in-camera.

Capture your own crazy view of the world.

From Velvety Glow

Overlay an ethereal edge-to-edge glow effect across your image.

@ rachel schomsky

@ kathleen clemons

To Tack Sharp Detail

Go from glow to tack sharp detail by simply changing your aperture.

Get Your Glow On

Elevate your imagery with depth, dimension, and soulful expression.

Get the Velvet Effect

"Lensbaby's Velvet 56 lens makes everything gorgeous."


-Bill Roberson

"A lovely effect for portraits, softening skin, obscuring blemishes, and giving your subject an ethereal glow."


-Jim Fisher

"Almost nothing on the market will give you colors like this."


-Chris Gampat

"A solid, beautiful piece of camera hardware with more than one trick up its sleeve."


-Kyle Ford

"If I had to choose just one lens to use for photographing flowers for the rest of my life, it would be my Lensbaby Velvet 56."

Kathleen Clemons

"One of the things I love most about this lens is how the beautiful glow and blur makes every frame interesting and emotional."

Holly Awaad

"The halation gives such a beautiful softness, yet dimension at the same time. It is truly magical. "

Victoria Hederer Bell

"In a matter of seconds you have a dreamy, ethereal looking image and then a razor sharp portrait lens almost immediately."

Jake Hicks