What is Lensbaby?


Photographers spend years shooting for perfect. Flawless, precise, pristine—we’ve all chased the perfect shot.

At Lensbaby, we see things differently. We think perfect is boring. We seek surprise—to have our eyes opened, to dance and play and lose ourselves in moments. To break free of routine, be uncomfortable, tinker, and open yourself up to unexpected results. When you do that, you’ll change how you see everything.

We make award-winning creative effects lenses, optics and accessories that follow this philosophy. And we invite you to join us in our pursuit to dance, play and delight in what’s possible with a creative lens and your imagination.

Lensbaby Optic Swap System—one lens, endless possibilities

A collection of optical paintbrushes to expand your vision.

Our Optic Swap System immerses you in serendipity. Start with a Lensbaby lens. Lock in an Optic Swap optic. View your world in new light. From 35 to 80mm—with a sweet spot or slice of focus—our Optic Swap System gives you endless opportunities to see the essence of your subject.

Swap out optics. There's one to help you find life in every scene. You won’t see the same shot the same way twice. Lightweight and compact, our Optic Swap System helps you bring home the best of your expanding vision without breaking your back—or your budget.

Lensbaby's History

In 2004, professional photographer Craig Strong founded Lensbaby to help photographers see in a new way—in all genres, all around the world. Craig joined an old Speed Graphic lens with a short Shop-Vac hose to shoot images otherwise impossible with an SLR lens, which inspired the original Lensbaby lens.

Lensbaby University

New to Lensbaby and need help getting started with our lenses? Are you already a Lensbaby shooter but looking for more tips, tricks and inspiration? Check out the brand new Lensbaby University - an educational hub for all things Lensbaby!