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Our classic creative effect - a round sweet spot of focus.

Find your edge - get a sharp slice of focus effect

Get your glow on - create an ethereal velvet effect.

Crazy curves ahead - striking swirly bokeh & vignette.

Explore the captivating effects that OMNI can create with this gallery of awe-inspiring imagery.

Sharp spot of focus + beautiful blur. 

Sharp slice of focus + smooth blur.

Radiant edge-to-edge glow. 

Swirly, twisty, striking bokeh.


Velvet 85

The perfect portrait lens - Velvet 85 captures your frame in a layer of tack-sharp detail overlaid with radiant velvety glow.



  • 85mm focal length
  • f/1.8 aperture
  • Velvet effect
  • 1:2 macro capability
  • Lens compression due to longer focal length



Creative Effect

Optic Swap Compatible

Focal Length


Minimum Focusing Distance

Format Compatibility

Focus Type

Angle of View

Angle of Tilt

Filter Threads

Diaphragm Blades

Elements/ Groups








APS-C and Full Frame





4 Elements/ 3 Groups

3.5" (8.9cm) high x 3" (7.6cm) wide



Focal Length






Velvety Glow

Add as much or as little glow effect as you like by simply changing the aperture.


© Kathleen Clemons

Up Close

Get closer than you thought possible with exceptional 1:2 macro capabilities & close focus distance.

Soulful Portraits

Compression & buttery smooth bokeh create the ideal 85mm portrait lens.

© Caroline Jenson

In Review

"This lens takes the magic provided by the Velvet 56 to another level. The longer focal length provides compression and the resulting background bokeh is just gorgeous, more blur to love!"

Kathleen Clemons


"One of the things I love most about this lens is how the beautiful glow and blur makes every frame interesting and emotional."

Holly Awaad


"The thing that stood out to me most was how flexible this was at a range of apertures. In a matter of seconds you have a dreamy, ethereal looking image and then a razor sharp portrait lens almost immediately."

Jake Hicks


Portrait-Perfect Glow

In The Media

"An elegantly constructed lens that's fun and creative to use."


-Lori Grunin

"A nice look that lends images a dreamlike element of fantasy, with just enough detail to keep the subject well defined. "


-Daven Mathies

"A lovely effect for portraits, softening skin, obscuring blemishes, and giving your subject an ethereal glow."


-Jim Fisher

"Almost nothing on the market will give you colors like this."


-Chris Gampat

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    A Lensbaby Customer
    Gail G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Learning and Playing

    I am having a little learning curve going manual, but in no way view that as a negative.

    Lensbaby Velvet 85 Review
    Nona R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Only used once but can't wait to use again!

    I was glad I watched a youtube video to see how to operate the lens. Although I have always used my Nikon D810 for macro photography I recently purchased a Sony A9ii and purchased Velvet 85 for my Sony as it has focus peaking. It took some getting used to since it's a manual focus and adjustable lens. Looking at my images on the back of the screen I probably would have thrown away half of them. I was told never to throw out images until I saw them on the computer. Boy am I glad that I didn't. I was truly blown away by some of the images I took at a local Botanical Gardens. I would definitely recommend this product and can't wait to go out and use it again!

    Lensbaby Velvet 85 Review
    Virginia P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Great little lens

    Able to use it right out of the box. Easy to mount on my Nikon Z7 (so happy Lensbaby made this mount available for the Velvet 85). Very short learning curve: f/stops and manual focus easily managed. Even though it was very windy out, I was so anxious to try this lens that I went out and didn't even bother to use my tripod (though I am usually a tripod fanatic). Surprisingly, even though I had to wait patiently for times when the wind settled down a bit, my images were very clear, painterly, and focused on my intended focal point.

    A Lensbaby Customer
    Christine W.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Lensbaby 85 review

    I absolutely love this lens. Crisp and sharp at f16 and dreamy glow at f5.6. I will have this lens for years. My creative photography just got a great boost!

    Lensbaby Velvet 85 Review
    Phillip Z.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Another great Velvet

    I have all three and love them all.

    Lensbaby Velvet 85 Review

    Velvet 85


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