Composer Pro II + Double Glass II

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The Double Glass II 50mm optic from Lensbaby offers an aperture range of f/2.5 to f/22 and improves on the original Double Glass with all-metal construction and a 12-blade manually adjustable aperture. Compatible with all Lensbaby Optic Swap System lens bodies, it includes nine specialty drop-in magnetic aperture disks, featuring organic and geometric designs, crafted by visual artists to modify out-of-focus areas for added texture. Points of light in out-of-focus areas take the shape of the aperture. It’s compatible with Optic Swap macro accessories, including the 46mm Macro Filter Kit and Macro Converters.

Note: Composer Pro II owners can purchase the optic separately.

Mount: Canon EF
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Unique Drop-In Magnetic Apertures:

With nine specialty drop-in magnetic aperture disks, including stars and hearts, photographers can creatively modify out-of-focus areas, adding texture and visual interest to their images.

Versatile Aperture Range:

The Double Glass II optic features an aperture range from f/2.5 to f/22, offering photographers flexibility in controlling depth of field and light intake for diverse shooting scenarios.

Creative Image Rendering:

Points of light in out-of-focus areas take on the shape of the round or shaped aperture, providing photographers with a distinctive, artistic way to create compelling bokeh and enhance the visual impact of their photos.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Jeremy Gray for PetaPixel

New & Improved!

"The latest in Lensbaby’s long line of unique creative photography lenses and accessories, the Double Glass II is a new-and-improved version of Lensbaby’s Double Glass optic for its Optic Swap system."

Nancy M.

Sharp Lens

"Very sharp lens. The double glass lens has always been the one I keep on my camera the most ( have many Lensbaby lenses). This new one is an improvement in quality and ease of use. Everyone should get one."

Cory C.


"The Lensbaby DGll is fab, love the dreamy bokeh and the ease of using it! Thanks Lensbaby!"