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Lensbaby Makers: Josefien Hoekstra

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Lensbaby Makers: Josefien Hoekstra

Lensbaby Makers is a series that looks into the world of influential Lensbaby shooters. Press play to see these photographers in action as they work through their creative process.
Meet Josefien Hoekstra

Photography has been my passion since I was able to use a digital camera. I started taking pictures of flowers and cats, scenes in and around my garden. Soon after, I started using my sister as a model. We styled her in the most outrageous outfits and applied crazy make-up, totally high fashion, or so our young girl brains thought.

From the very beginning, I did a lot of the make-up and styling for my models and clients. My interest in fashion and make-up had a chance to grow and develop into something I could really use in my images. I am, however, very happy when I can work with other make-up artists and stylists because I love how each person creates something different and finds more passion to pour into a project.

I like creating my own little world with photography. To me, something that is surreal and beautiful is more fun than something that is true to life.

I think everyone loses inspiration somewhere along the way. Sometimes I feel like I've already done everything I can, then companies like Lensbaby open up doors to new things and make my creativity come alive again. Lensbaby gives me the ability to look at things differently, making shoots more fun and creative.

My personal philosophy: keep trying new things, you'll never stop learning.

Watch Josefien fine-tune her work in Photoshop

Bonus Video

Josefien's Kit

Lensbaby Lenses and Optics
Velvet 85
Composer Pro II with Sweet 80
Twist 60

Cameras and the rest
- Canon 7D for photography
- Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 for behind the scenes, vlogs, etc.
- 3x Multiblitz lights
- 3x Jinbei Lights
- I often use a beauty dish and strip lights, but I also love a good old-fashioned umbrella. Almost all of my light modifiers are Multiblitz, who have recently gone under so their website is offline.
- The camera bag I'm using is the Lowpro Flipside 300
- I don't shoot with a tripod unless I am doing self-portraits and then I use an older Manfrotto model.
- Apart from serious gear, I also use just about anything shiny or reflective I can find to play with in front of my lens to create fun and interesting visual effects. This varies from a piece of plastic to some fabric, a vase or a shard of glass.
- Lee Filters gels. I have many different packs in a variety of colors.

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