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Your First Baby Challenge | Stephanie De Franco

  • 1 min read

Ya'll. That's like asking me who my favorite child is. But you guys know I'm going to answer.

Backstory time: A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Keri at Lensbaby asking if I would be interested in joining a few Lensbaby Artists in a "Challenge Playbook". The team over there has put together a few projects for the group to shoot and post what we've chosen to create. Being that I want to stay creative and always push to create, of course I wanted to participate! This blog, however, is kind of a mix of the challenge, plus a topic Keri and I had discussed at WPPI that got me thinking.

Back to the original question, which optic would you choose as your entry into the world of Lensbaby. When I first picked up the Double Glass (

Why the back story? The first challenge I decided to participate in was the "Dust off a lens you hadn't used in a while." Being that Lensbaby has since come out with the

So now comes the hard question. What optic is the best to start with? Do you prefer a different focal length to have that option of creativity difference, or should you start on something you know you're comfortable with? Looking back at that those first two years of not using my Lensbaby, I have to wonder if I had started with the

Can you tell a difference?

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