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Traveling Burnside Project - July 24, 2018

  • 2 min read

July is Travel month at Lensbaby so we wanted to share some of the images and stories from our Traveling Burnside Project. Since May, several Burnside 35 lenses have been traveling around the world, spending a few weeks with a photographer, and then visiting the next. Below are some of their images and stories.

From Gavin: Shooting with it makes you slow the process down a little, which is a good thing. There is more to consider. It also made me explore the area around me deeper to see what would be most suited to the character of the lens and what would work best.

From Lori: Shooting with the Burnside had me paying close attention to the frame and wondering how the elements in it would be affected by my setting choices. I played around with numerous subjects. The one thing that really surprised me was the colour tones that the lens produced. Colours were rich and saturated. I found that I didn't have to do much in post processing.

From Choon: I always want to shoot the macro foreground subjects with landscape backgrounds. Burnside35 gives me that opportunity. I feel like my landscapes images became more dramatic.

From Gizella: The bokeh did wonders to the water on the ground. If you enjoy macro photography and want to create artistic macros, this lens can help you with the ability to get 6" close to the subject. I truly enjoy getting super close to my subjects and discover their otherwise hidden secrets. There is a whole other world out there that you can uncover, and the Burnside 35 can be the bridge between those two worlds.

From Nadeen: I discovered that shooting something close with an interesting background seemed to really highlight what the Burnside can do. I felt it was easier to attain a great effect early on. Whereas with the other Lensbaby lenses I've used, I had a greater learning curve.

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