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Traveling Burnside Project - July 17, 2018

  • 2 min read

July is Travel month at Lensbaby so we wanted to share some of the images and stories from our Traveling Burnside Project. Since May, several Burnside 35 lenses have been traveling around the world, spending a few weeks with a photographer, and then visiting the next. Below are some of their images and stories.

From Marius:

The swirly bokeh and the vignette effect control are, indeed, fantastic features of this lens! It is a great and very-well organized initiative and I'm very grateful to be part of it! It is amazing to see everyone's experiences with this lens! Different styles, different subjects and one common baseline: Burnside 35!

From Mareike: I was amazed that after a hiking trip I felt that the Burnside pictures had so much more emotion to them than those with my high-quality tack-sharp lenses I usually use. My highlights so far were seeing how many pictures I can get from a simple every-day dog walk that make me go "Uh! I took that!", and also that hike over the San-Bernardino pass where it captured not only the scenery but the attached emotions.

From Gavin: I really enjoyed the experience of shooting with it and having additional options at hand while shooting. It was refreshing to be able to stylise images, either heavily or in a subtle way without the need of post-production. I spend too much time editing images for clients so it's a real bonus to be able to create something visually different and get a great image straight out of camera.

From Sarah: hat I love most about the Burnside 35 is the straight out of camera color. My post processing decreased significantly and was able to keep the tones and hues as true to the image itself as possible.

From Gizella:
What separates the Burnside 35 from other Lensbaby lenses for me is the ability to instantly bring the attention to the subject of my image; I can do this with a combination of choosing the right aperture and the built in vignette. I also very much enjoy experimenting with the lens; I try out lots of combinations of the mentioned settings, and choose to keep the images that talk to me the most. I also enjoy looking for subjects that work the best with this lens.

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