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Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone with Sol 45 | Lensbaby Creators

  • 2 min read
Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone; forcing you to look at things differently and think outside the box. Just like the

My name is

I definitely enjoy shooting portraits. There’s something about getting up close and personal with one’s subject that I can’t describe. I believe creativity is a necessary outlet for humankind. We’re all granted gifts in so many forms and being able to express those gifts with others brings us together. I am most inspired when I am traveling - naturally. While I’m exploring new cities, seeing new faces, taking in the aromas of new foods, I am present and using all of my senses. My creativity gets jump-started and that is when I create some of my best work in my humble opinion.

I recently traveled to Peru, on an all-female Social Media Marketing/Entrepreneur Retreat with Pangea Dreams. Some of the Workshops were all about Photography, which I absolutely loved. Each time I whipped out my

It’s very compact, super durable, and I love the locking mechanism when it’s not in use. My experience shooting with a Lensbaby has been satisfying from day one. I am so happy with it and it is always in rotation with my other lenses. It’s a stand out because it forces the photographer to rely solely (pun intended) on creativity rather than the high-tech features that other lenses tend to have today. It forces me to be creative, to move around my subject, to think out of the box and to utilize some of the same senses I do when I travel. Everyone from professional clients to family and friends has been happy with the photographs I’ve produced for them with this lens. It excites me and it excites them too!

I’d say the challenging aspect is trying to replicate the same shot. I’ve actually accepted that as a part of the lens’ charm. If you’re skeptical about a manual prime lens with quirky features, that’s ok. But if you want to put your creative capabilities to the test, you NEED this lens.

All images shot with Sol 45.
To see more of Ty's work check out her Instagram.

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