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Transforming light with OMNI | Rachel Shomsky

  • 1 min read
Sometimes a new tool is all it takes to re-ignite that creative spark. For

Let’s just say that the

I went out shooting and each time I was hoping for sun, but was denied multiple times! At first I was frustrated, but then I realized the power of this tool! The

I shot the color films separate from the multicolor crystals and while they both add color, the films will have a less contrasty effect which I found easier to manipulate in harsh light. However, it was more challenging to get a pleasing effect in cloudy conditions. My favorite use of the films is to double up and create your own custom color blend!

The multicolor crystals on the other hand, were almost overpowering in hard sunlight but an absolute heaven-sent on a cloudy day. My favorite way to use these was when I had other light in the area to reflect off the pieces, and a cloudy day will still yield great results because of the shine. I can see these becoming a staple in my camera bag! I can’t wait to create more crazy combos!

All images shot with the OMNI Creative Filter System & Color Expansion Pack.
Check out more of Rachel's work at her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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