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We're all looking to create timeless yet distinctive photos from our travels. Something we can look back on and remember how it felt to be in a particular place at a particular time.

During my recent holiday, I made the switch from a full-frame to mirrorless camera and I do not regret it at all! I took my mirrorless Fuji xt3 camera and a single lens - the Lensbaby Trio 28 - a fixed f/3.5, 3-in-1 lens. It's a small, light lens which has extraordinary bokeh at f/3.5. This type of lens creates three different optical effects - sweet, twist and velvet - by simply rotating the lens.

I like to create photos that tell a story and this lens helped me achieve. It was fun for me to use the different effects and I can say I was truly excited by them all. Because it's a manual lens, sometimes I found the speed of focusing tricky but I realized that even the slightly out-of-focus photos I took using this lens have something dreamy and magical to them. I actually appreciate that being a manual lens you do not just click away continuously, which changes the way you take pictures and the quality of the images.

It was a joy to use this lens and I can say that it will be my favourite for a long time. I really enjoy traveling with only a small camera and a nice, light lens which I can use to make timeless distinct pictures. It's wonderful having three effects in one lens at your disposal and it's so easy to move from portrait to landscape to street photography.

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