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Sharp spot of focus + beautiful blur. 

Sharp slice of focus + smooth blur.

Radiant edge-to-edge glow. 

Swirly, twisty, striking bokeh.


Street Photography with Burnside 35 | Lensbaby Creators

  • 1 min read
There's a thrill that comes with nailing the shot you envisioned after just one or two clicks of the shutter - no overshooting and no post-processing necessary! The versatile


My main obsession with the

Before getting this lens, I'd never thought of doing 99% of my personal work with a fixed focus lens. Using a 35mm lens on a full format camera, I had to re-think the way I photographed. I was forced to slow down, think about what I was photographing, compose the images and not overshoot thinking that out of all these I have one or two good ones. Now, they are all well composed and to my liking. At most I'll take 2-3 frames depending on the subject but sometimes or most times with street photography, you only get one frame before the subject changes. The

All images shot with Burnside 35.
Check out more Rich's work on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

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