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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone | Janet Broughton

  • 1 min read
Getting outside your comfort zone is a great way to elevate your photography but it isn't always easy!

Moving on from the little pocket of nature I wandered the streets of the Northern Quarter admiring the fantastic street art and quirky details. As I became more comfortable shooting on the streets I also ventured into other parts of the city.

I used the Sol 45 for all of these images and learned that it takes a while to get used to difference in focal length due to the crop sensor. I also found out it wasnt easy shooting with a Lensbaby in situations where I didnt feel that I could take my time and focus. But I also realised that no one takes the slightest bit of notice of a woman my age with a small camera so I actually could have taken all the time I wanted to get the focus!

Check out more of Janets work on her website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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