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Vegas Twist by Sean Anderson

  • 1 min read
Sean Anderson Vegas Twist

In this video by Sean Anderson you won't just see Las Vegas, you'll feel it. Sean captures the vibes of Vegas in this short edit created with Twist 60.

Learn more about the film from Sean: "Here's a quick demo video I shot on a business trip to Las Vegas with my Lensbaby Twist 60 lens mounted on a Sony A7R II with a Fotodiox Canon to Sony ND Throttle. The ND Throttle has a built-in variable ND filter which allowed me to cut the amount of light coming into the lens, shooting wide open at f/2.5 with the camera's shutter speed at 1/50th of a second, even in the bright Vegas sun."

Find out more about Sean Anderson by visiting his website and following his Instagram.

Click here to check out Twist 60.

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