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Ryan Policky is a professional photographer, designer, filmmaker and musician based in Denver, Colorado. With over 20 years of interactive/video/audio experience he has worked with clients in the sports and entertainment industries such as Sony, Paramount Pictures, Audi, and The North Face just to name a few.

City through fence

Since day one, I have been using Lensbaby to translate my surrealistic visions into reality.

Sol has quickly become the ultimate tool for me. Its as if Lensbaby somehow read my mind and incorporated all the non-traditional elements Ive always loved adding to my images.

Swing carnival ride

From light leaks, to controls similar to a dialed-in and uber accurate muse, the Sol has everything Ive ever wanted from Lensbaby. I now can grab one lens and shoot for an entire day, getting results that feel like I had a full bag of lenses to choose from.

Buildings and blue skies

Sol is like a surrealistic visual brush never before found in my library. The energy and dynamics I can bring to my images are unmatched. It truly stands proudly alone and is the one I now reach for first.

Ferris wheel

I can literally shoot the same subject and achieve as many different looks as I want. Its versatility is what makes it worth the cost of lenses 10x its price. My passion for shooting has simultaneously jumped 10x.

City parking lot at night

I used Sol as my primary lens on a music video shoot I shot & directed for my band, A Shoreline Dream. Looking to achieve a sci-fi, futuristic feel - the results speak for themselves.

Our style, which is often referred to as shoegaze, has nearly all the same elements of the images taken with a Lensbaby - ethereal, psychedelic and dreamy. Weve always used Lensbaby to achieve our look and the Sol will most definitely now be at the top of the list.

A Shoreline Dream music video

A Shoreline Dream music video

A Shoreline Dream music video

All images and video shot with Sol 45.

To find out more about Ryan and his work, check out his website and Instagram.

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