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Project Disrupt | Matte Hanna

  • 2 min read

As part of Project Disrupt, professional landscape photographer Matte Hanna created his own fictional doomsday cult. He shot this dreamlike series of his cult's origin ceremony with the help of the Sol 45, Lume Cube Lighting Kit, and Mountainsmith Camera Bag.

I started with an inspiration board. From there I worked on the doomsday cults backstory. This would help with continuity throughout the shoot and would also give the participants direction. I gave them a name, The Koronides, and a belief system.

The Koronides are a doomsday ice comet cult. Waiting for the second coming of the Koronis Comet, which they believe is their origin of existence. With the comet headed back to earth, they will witness the end of days and await the comet shuttle to take them home. They worship a dirty ice deity and follow the creed as written in their black book.

I went to work making secret society necklaces for the models and participants, along with a gold fingerprint for the forehead. The monochrome red clothing helped strip individualism and showed more group identity. For the location, I found a remote barn where I shot the story's origin.

Armed with a Lensbaby

It created an easy shooting environment and allowed me to just have fun with what I was doing. The effects of the

The Lumecube was amazingly bright. I would have loved to have two though. Its runtime on high came in at around 20 minutes. Once it ran out, I was wished I had a back up because it was incredibly helpful lighting my location. I carried everything in the Mountainsmith Cube, which was light, sturdy and easy to use.

I plan to shoot two more locations, continue the story of the Koronides, as their word spreads, groundswell grows and they gain in popularity. As the comet moves closer, the fever pitch rises. And the Project Disrupt continues.

All images shot with the Sol 45.
Check out more of Matte's work on his website and Instagram.

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