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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Our favorite Facebook fan photos

  • 2 min read

We recently asked Lensbaby photographers on Facebook to share some of their best Lensbaby images shot
with some of our most popular lenses and optics, and tell us why they love them.

Check out this selection of some of our favorite submissions, below.


Photo by Rachel Hogue
Rachel says, "The Scout is a great lens for the value! It's a perfect play-around lens and an outlet for my spurts of creativity."


Photo by Kale JF Photography
Kale says, "I love the Scout because it gives me a more 'traditional' lens experience while shooting my Lensbaby optics. I love to tilt the Edge 80 optic but with the Scout I can have super beautiful sharp results just like any other big heavy lens."

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Photo by Caroline Jensen
Caroline says, "The Edge 80 is easy to use and the impact is extraordinary. I love it for portraits."


Photo by R.G. Photography
Ryan says, "I love the Edge 80 so much for a ton of reasons, but the biggest thing for me is doing everything in camera. As easy and accessible as pseudo tilt-shift filters are, I much rather do everything manually than sit on the computer trying to replicate the look of the Lensbaby. It's a great addition to any lens line up."

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Photo by Karen Gilbride
Karen says, "I absolutely LOVE the Composer Pro with my Sweet 35! I use it for art, portraits, and weddings. Every time I use it, it's like capturing magic. It allows a bit of abstract into a concrete image, making it more unique and artful."


Photo by Jude Wood
Jude says, "After shooting with the Lensbaby 2.0 the Composer Pro is a dream! Add the and you are in Heaven! It is so much easier to use and it seriously it rocks my world! love love love! Now, i just need to find time to shoot with it more!"

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Photo by Jacob Meyer
Jacob says, "My Composer Pro as with any Lensbaby optic system takes amazing photographs and allows you to capture artistic and sometimes dream like images. Love my Lensbaby!"


Photo by Tracy Bradbury
Tracy says, "It was my first Lensbaby and I love that I can be so creative when using it, I always feel so inspired after taking images with the Double Glass and have since gone on to buy other inserts."

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Photo by Veronica Armstrong
Veronica says, "The Spark always adds a little fun to my everyday snapshots."


Photo by Erin Michelle Photography
Erin says, "I love the Spark because it's great to learn on and easy to use. I've been wanting a Lensbaby so bad and my wonderful husband got it for me for Christmas!! (You can't beat the price point either!)"

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