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Mandy Lynne, Using Blur to Add Whimsy

  • 2 min read

"Nostalgia is like a memory. We don't need to see all the details to remember the important part. I use my Lensbaby to blur away the edges and focus on the simple details that I want to stand out." - Mandy Lynne
Can you take us through your own personal journey to becoming a professional photographer?

My journey with photography began with a desire to capture my own children. It is still my primary focus. I also create still-life images on a regular basis for my art publisher. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.

What camera gear do you use?

My gear is Nikon and mostly prime lenses. The lenses that I use most are my 85mm 1.4, a 24 mm 1.8 wide angle and my Lensbaby Composer Pro.

How do you find such lovely props and clothing for your photo shoots? Do you usually have a vision of what you want to create and then look for props or do the props and clothes inspire your shoots?

I love to tell a story with my images.

My ideas are usually inspired by a concept that I am interested in exploring. I enjoy the process and carefully consider all the details beforehand, such as the clothing, props, location & posing. Once I start shooting, I let go and just let the magic happen. Even though the details are planned beforehand, it's exciting to see how each session evolves.


So often, what I had in mind reveals itself in a whole new way. The clothing & location usually come secondary to my vision. Sometimes I will design clothing myself to fit the style I am trying to capture. Other times I shop at local vintage stores or online. The location can be more challenging. Each time I am out I search for new possibilities.

What inspired you to do the Breakfast at Tiffany's shoot? We love that you included Lensbaby shots too - why did you decide to use a Lensbaby lens for that project?

I have particularly been inspired by Audrey Hepburn, her words, heart, beauty & talent. She was a timeless icon for that classic style period of the 50's & 60's. When I styled a session "Breakfast at Tiffany's", my goal was to capture the glamour & her morning walk to Tiffany's. I used my Lensbaby to replicate the movie scenes. Lensbaby is perfect for conveying that dreamy sense of nostalgia in an image. Nostalgia is like a memory. We don't need to see all the details to remember the important part. I use my Lensbaby to blur away the edges and focus on the simple details that I want to stand out.


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