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LM-10 Photography Feature

  • 4 min read

Mobile phone photographers are impressing the heck out of us with the art they're creating with their LM-10s. We're featuring five of our favorite LM-10 photographers, below, who have been posting and sharing some gorgeous work on Instagram. Check out their lovely images and see what they have to say about shooting with the LM-10.

Emma Wood (iPhone 5s):1_Emma_Cube1-1024x877-2

LM-10 photography by Emma Wood

"Being a huge fan of the Lensbaby lenses, when I first heard that Lensbaby was creating an iPhone/mobile lens, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. What particularly appeals to me as a photographer and a creator, is that this lens can take me beyond the usual, it extends my vision helping me to produce something new and unique. My images become a little more obscure and mysterious, and with the LM-10 I feel free to explore and push myself in ways that I can't with my regular iPhone camera." -Follow @Emma___Wood

Garon Kiesel (iPhone 5s):


LM-10 photography by Garon Kiesel

"I've been a Lensbaby junkie for over 10 years and when I heard that a camera phone version was in the works, my heart skipped a beat. I've had the LM-10 for just a few weeks and I can't seem to put it down. Like my iPhone, it never leaves my side. The LM-10 transforms the scene in camera, organically, rather than relying on filters or other forms of selective focus that are implemented after the fact. The LM-10 takes the creativity of phone photography to a whole new level."- Follow @pixelvault

Laura Shepard (iPhone 5):


LM-10 photography by Laura Shepard Photography

"This little bitty lens has given me so much more depth in my iPhone photographs. I am such a fan of the LM-10, I keep it in my purse with me and pull it out several times a week. I really can't say enough about how much fun it is for me to shoot with it. I have been able to take this little lens on a recent Italy trip this summer and I captured the coolest shots with it.The lens is so easy to use, that I actually was using it before the app even came out. Although it was a bit more tricky to shoot without it, I still got awesome shots! But when I was able to download the app, it made using this little cutie a breeze. I also have taken quite a few videos with it too. This little lens is just fun, and the colors I get from it are beautiful as is the bokeh. My 'iPhoneography' is at another level with the LM-10!"- Follow @photoshep
Soren Coughlin-Glaser (iPhone 5s):


LM-10 photography by Soren Coughlin-Glaser

"I have been a Lensbaby fan since the original. In the past few years I have really begun using my iPhone for a lot more of my personal and family photos and my DSLR has been sitting in my camera bag only used for commercial jobs. When I saw the Kickstarter for the LM-10 I knew it was going to be perfect for me to get back into shooting more with that Lensbaby feel.

To me, lensbaby images are unique because the mixture of blur and sweet spot remind me of how I actually see an object with my eye. When you look at an object with your eye, you get a very small portion of an object in focus, and you concentrate on it, allowing the background and periphery to blur away. This concentration without background distractions is what I love about Lensbaby shots, and the LM-10 allows me to get that feeling with my iPhone. It can also give a great sense of motion to a still image like my hula hoop image of my daughter Margaux.

Many times I just feel like I want to take a picture of something I find interesting and the images just don't do the subject justice, but then I throw on the LM-10 and the photo just gets way more interesting. I use the LM-10 mostly for still life subjects like flowers or interesting bikes. I also love it for head and shoulders portrait shots. The LM-10 can add a great mood to individual portraits.

I get way more creative when I have the LM-10 on my iPhone. I pop it on and instantly I just start being inspired by everyday objects and scenes all around me. The lens cap key chain has also been a huge help for me, allowing me to have my LM-10 with me at all times."- You can follow Soren Coughlin-Glaser @sorencg

Sherri Davis (Huawei Ascend Y210):


LM-10 Photography by Sherri Davis

"What can I say about this lens. I love it. I love how different it is than anything else I have ever shot with. I love how it challenges me to work within the constraints that my stone age phone offers me. Those constraints though, as limiting as they are push me beyond what any other style of shooting could do (other than my Lensbaby optics on my real camera). I love that my phone is so old that I can't use the Lensbaby app so I end up shooting upside down. As crazy as it sounds, that has actually been a blessing. My mind has to work around that limit like it has never had to before. I have a serious time lag between shots. I don't have 5 frames per second like I do with my real camera so I can't take multiple shots to get one good one. My kids move so fast that if I don't anticipate a moment, my subject is gone and I'm still waiting for the shutter to release. That sounds like a bad thing, but it isn't. I have had to slow down and let go of every preconceived idea I have ever had about photography. Composition. Subject. Lighting. Accessing those far recesses of my brain has been incredible. And I love the unexpectedness with it. That unexpectedness has been so freeing. My mind really does work differently when I am shooting with the LM-10." Follow Sherri Davis @sherri_davis_

Don't forget to tag your LM-10 photos #lbm10 anywhere you post them. Stay tuned for more of our LM-10 fan favorites.

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